World Class Tennis

Our newly constructed, world-class, destination tennis facility is nestled within the Chelan valley among apple orchards and the eastern slopes of the Cascade mountains. It is composed of eight outdoor courts and soon-to-be four indoor courts. Whether you are on vacation or reside within the valley, a pro or a beginner, we have a tennis program to suit your needs. Harmony Meadows tennis facility hosts tournaments, adult camps, junior camps, and provides instruction for individuals and groups. This facility provides free programs to children in the community and supports both school districts.

This first-rate venue installed Laykold Masters 8, a soft cushioned surface that looks and plays like a hard court, which is used at the Miami Open. This surface is preferred by many athletic programs and venues that are serious about high-performance competition and training.

You will love the cushion these courts provide, and so will your knees. You will be able to enjoy hours of tennis without the pounding and jarring that normally wears you out.

Book a Court or Sign Up for a Tournament

You must create a user account before you can book courts or sign up for tournaments.  Creating a user account does not require a membership.  If you do not wish to sign up for a membership, select “Guest” as your membership type.  Use the “Register/Book a Court” button above to set up your user account.

Twelve Month Membership – $100
Members may reserve courts up 5 days in advance and will receive discounted court fees and clinic rates.  For 2017, members will get 50% off normal discounted court fees.

Premium Twelve Month Membership – $500
Premium Members may reserve courts up 7 days in advance, pay NO court fees and receive discounted clinic rates.

Non-members may reserve courts two days prior to day of play. Local juniors who are part of a family membership can book day of play for a free court.

Standard Court Times are 90 minutes long.

Ball Machines are available for an additional fee of $10 per court time. Members renting a ball machine are expected to have picked up all balls, wheeled the ball machine and ball mower back to their storage spaces, and swept surplus ball fuzz off the court by the end of the court time. We recommend allocating 6-7 minutes at the end of your court time for cleanup. For first time users, please see the Front Desk for assistance. Ball Machines cannot be reserved online. To check availability and reserve, call the Front Desk at (509) 888-2344.

Rental Rates Per Person

Member Guest
Singles $14 $20
Doubles $10 $15

Prices include tax.

Hours of Operation

7am to 9pm Daily. We reserve the right to close early if no courts are booked.


  • Payment Policy: The person whose name the initial court reservation is made under is responsible for payment of the full court fee. If you wish to split the fee among multiple party members, it is your responsibility to do so at the Front Desk or online.
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hours. If cancelled within the 24 hour period, the full court fee will be charged. You may cancel through your online account or by calling the front desk at (509) 888-2344.
  • # of Players: A maximum of 4 players may be on a court at any given time, except for team warm-up courts, in which the limit is 6 players.
  • Ball hoppers: No outside ball hoppers allowed.
  • Coaching: Private lessons and drilling by coaches other than Harmony Meadows Tennis Pros is prohibited.

Junior Court times

We offer complimentary court times for juniors under 16 years of age that reside in an area with a zip code beginning with 988XX, provided that they are part of a family membership. Proof of residence is required.


Check the schedule for the following clinics.  Clinics are $20 for members and $25 for non-members.

Wimbledon Workout

You don’t have to wear your whites but you do have to bring your game! Wimbledon workout is for players rated 3.5 and above. Wimbledon workout combines singles and doubles match play scenarios in challenging, fast paced drills that will push you physically as well as work on your mental toughness. Wimbledon workout is great for those players wanting to sharpen their tennis skills and get a great workout. Please let the instructor know prior to participating of any physical restrictions. Game on!

Harmony HIIT

This boot camp style class is for the inner beast in you ready for that workout that will elevate your tennis game to the next level and challenge you physically. Boot camp combines the three elements of strength conditioning, cardio, and fast paced situational drilling to give you the ultimate in tennis workouts. Harmony HIIT is designed for all players rated 3.0 and above. Bring your water, bring your towel, and bring your spirit…all are required for this workout!

Ball Machine Clinic

Ball machine clinics are designed to focus on a particular aspect of your tennis game. Ball machine clinics will help you to refine your footwork; master the set-up, contact, and finish of your swing while learning to craft offensive as well defensive shots. Ball machine clinics are also great to practice the Continental grip whether you are working on your slice, volleys, drop shots, or overheads. This class is for the player that wants to fine-tune one particular area of your game or your entire arsenal. Ball machine clinics are open to all levels of play.

Stroke of the Week

Having trouble driving that forehand with depth? Can’t seem to put that overhead away? Does your opponent constantly lob you? Then stroke of the week is for you. Stroke of the week is designed to focus on one particular area of your game and combine instructional techniques along with situational drilling to focus on that particular shot or match play situation. Let’s get that area of weakness in your game and turn it into a strength! Stroke of the week is for players rated 3.0 and above.

Tennis 101

New to the sport or haven’t picked up that racket in a long time? Then Tennis 101 is for you! Come learn the basics of this beautiful sport from the different grips used to the basic fundamentals of each shot. You will learn proper techniques for the forehand, backhand, volleys, overhead and serve. We will also cover scoring and match play! Tennis 101 is a great way to get that game bouncing in the right direction! Minimal to no prior lessons are required for this class.